Cavs Riding Hot Streak into February, and Ticket Prices Rising Accordingly

The Cleveland Cavaliers are finally starting to look like the title contenders everyone pegged them as this past summer. Kevin Love’s shooting stroke is still touch and go, but the Cavs as a whole are playing excellent offensive basketball and march into the rest of February riding an impressive 12-game winning streak.

Cleveland’s success likely rests on the continued improvement of their defense, but after soaring to the top of the Central division, it looks like they are starting to figure themselves out. That means the value of Cavaliers tickets is finally matching up with all of the hype. Let’s see if that will continue to be the case the rest of this month, as we break down Cleveland’s cheapest and most expensive games on the schedule in February:


Most Expensive – 2/26/2015 VS. Golden State Warriors | Avg: $329.55 | Get-in: $45

Considering some of the most expensive Cavs games have been up over $500 this year, Cleveland and Golden State fans will be getting a monster deal on the 26th. The Cavs have obviously been clicking, but hosting the game’s top team is quite the haul. On top of that, both of these teams carry an insane amount of star power and operate very explosive, entertaining offenses.

The gloss is fresh on this one, but as fun as it appears to be, the Cavs are really going to have their work cut out for them. Golden State isn’t quite as formidable away from home, but they’re the NBA’s top offense and are extremely tough to defend – let alone keep up with. Cleveland has a fantastic trio and can roll with anyone, though, which should make for a very good game. Cavs vs. Warriors tickets average $330, but the get-in is a much more manageable $45.


Cheapest – 2/8/2015 VS. Los Angeles Lakers | Avg: $148.19 | Get-in: $55

This date with the Lakers probably would cost more if Kobe Bryant (shoulder) wasn’t out for the year, but Cavs fans will gladly still pay up for a likely win and a fast-paced game. As bad as L.A. is, they at least still produce on offense and make their opponents put up points to beat them. That’s exactly what we can expect King James and co. to do at home in this one, while everyone still gets a nice discount onLA Lakers tickets with this game coming in at over $100 less than the Cavs’ season average.

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